Easy Overnight Oats

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Are you a little Grizzly when you wake up? It’s okay… so are we. We’ve created a recipe that will bring you out of hibernation first thing in the morning.

Overnight oats are all the rage these days, and here’s the skinny.. they’re pretty awesome. But not everyone has time to cut fresh fruit every day for their breakfast so we’ve got a simple version that will make your morning bearable and less teddyous. 😉

There are 4 easy steps that take under 3 minutes and you only need 2-3 ingredients.  See the recipe below!


1.Open your Three Bears Oat Cup, any flavor! Keep the lid nearby.

2.Add 1/3 cup of milk (dairy, almond or coconut milk) and 1/3 cup of yogurt to the oats

3.Replace lid and refrigerate overnight.

4.Stir and enjoy.

Feel free to move it all into a mason jar if you need to throw it in a lunchbox and avoid leaks. If you’ve got a few extra minutes in the morning feel free to add fresh blueberries or apple slices (depending on the flavor) to make it even more delicious!

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