Real Simple Magazines Top 6 Oatmeals

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Real Simple Magazine tasted 76 Instant Oatmeal Cups
and we landed in the Top 6!


ThreeBears Oat Cups


There are a few things quite as satisfying as a warm bowl of oatmeal to start the day. It’s comforting, without being heavy and the options for toppings and ingredients to stir into oatmeal are endless. Oatmeal can even swing savory, making it a great option for those that don’t like a sweet breakfast. Even the texture of oatmeal can vary greatly depending on personal preference, more liquid (either milk or water) can make it soupy and mushy, less liquid can yield a denser oatmeal, there’s even baked oatmeal which is great for a crowd, a brunch, or to keep in the fridge and scoop out on busy weekday mornings.

But it’s not every day we get to relax with spoon in hand eating a bowl of nourishing oatmeal for breakfast, and with the rise of instant oatmeal cups we had to put them to the test. Oatmeal cups are super convenient: They stash well in the pantry for mornings on the go, in the car, or even at your desk, and they’re portable, too. The best part, is that there is no microwave needed, just hot water and a couple of minutes (makes a great plane meal). Gone are the days of oatmeal overflowing in the break room microwave as it cooks. No more cleaning up or cursing the stuck-on bits of oatmeal with these oatmeal breakfast cups. In fact, not just for breakfast, they also make a great snack. Plus, we kept an eye on the sugar quantities to prevent any sugar highs and crashes. Our picks surprised us with interesting flavor combinations, add-ons that kept us fuller longer, good-for-you ingredients, and simply, just really delicious oatmeal cups. All it takes, is peeling back the cover, adding hot water to the fill line, give it a stir and wait a few minutes for the oats to soak up the water, and that’s it—comforting oatmeal at the ready.

Read more about their review of our Cinnamon Raisin Oatmeal Cup.

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